The Classic Plan - Low Brokerage Fees Trading

7 Per Trade

Finally! Now a plan that lets you confidently trade small and big quantities without worrying about your brokerage bill. Bezel’s Classic Plan offers you an innovative Rs. 7 per order traded model. Switching to a flat fee model gives you the advantage of low brokerage fees.

How does it work?

Regardless of the size of the trade you place, you will only be charged a flat fee of Rs. 7 per order traded. That's right: we will not charge you any brokerage! You only pay Rs. 7 per trade across all segments: Cash, Futures, Options, Currency F&O, MCX Futures and NCDEX future. Many brokers charge you brokerage as a percentage of turnover or on the size of the trade. For example, a broker might charge you Rs. 10 per lot on Options, so on a trade of 10 lots you are paying Rs. 100 in brokerage!

On the Classic Plan, you don't have to worry about increasing brokerage charges -- you just pay Rs. 7 per order traded across all segments. As a plus, if you trade on Intraday Cash, Futures, Currency Futures, or Commodity Futures, we will charge you the minimum of 1 paisa brokerage or Rs. -7- so the max you will ever pay on a trade is Rs. 7! Now you are winning from every angle.

Advantages of Classic Plans

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